Frequently Asked Questions

Q How often should my equipment be serviced?

A: Recommended Service

Camera Body Heavy Use
Light Use
Digital SLR* 6-12 months/1 year 6-12 months/2 years
Auto Focus 1 year/2 years 2 years/3 years
Manual Focus 1 year/2 years 2 years/3 years
Lenses Heavy Use
Light Use
Auto Focus 6-12 months/1 year 2 years/4 years
Manual Focus 1 year/2 years 2 years/4 years
Coolpix 1 year/2 years 2 years/3 years

Nikon Speedlights - Have Speedlights checked promplly if dropped or if any other damage or malfunction is suspected. Visually inspect battery contacts peridiocally for any contamination and clean if necessary. Remove batteries and store properly when not in use.

*CCD or CMOS Professional Cleaning is recommended at least once a year if equipment is used heavily. Noticable dust or debris on the sensor (may be noticed in light areas of pictures) should be Professionally Cleaned promptly.

Immediate attention is recommended for instances of impact/dropped equipment, battery leakage, moisture or liquid damage, sand damage, or erratic operation. Error messages in the lcd display (example "Err") indicate required service or repair.


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